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Personalised Aged Care

At Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care, we believe in providing care that truly feels like home. Understanding the complexities and emotional journey involved in the transition to aged care, our purpose is to make this process as seamless and comforting as possible for the residents, their family carers, and involved healthcare professionals.

Our Care Philosophy: A Close-knit Family

In the heart of our approach lies the conviction that every individual’s needs are unique – and so should be the care we provide. Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care is more than just a place to live; it’s a community where residents receive responsive and flexible care tailored specifically to them. With a special emphasis on ‘reablement’, our dedicated team supports both high and low needs individuals, focusing on empowering our residents to lead fulfilling lives.

Why Choose Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care?

Personalised Care Programs

Each resident at Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care benefits from a personalised care program developed and overseen by our caring and experienced staff, available 24/7. It’s our mission to ensure every day is lived to its fullest potential, in comfort and dignity.

A Welcoming Environment

Our state-of-the-art residential aged care facility has been designed with the well-being of our residents in mind. Each bedroom boasts its own en suite bathroom, offering privacy and comfort in a supportive setting. Suites come with climate control air conditioning and smart TV

Expert Team

Our team is our pride. Each member holds, at a minimum, a Certificate III in Aged Care, alongside training in safely assisting residents with limited mobility. Our Registered Nurses complement the care provided, ensuring every aspect of health and wellbeing is managed with precision and compassion.

Continuous GP Support:

We have strong partnerships with local GPs and a nurse practitioner.

Respite Care

Respite care can give a carer a much-needed break and can also give a potential resident the opportunity to trial our care. Our friendly team of professionals are on hand to assist temporary residents, as well as their caregivers and families, ensuring each individual receives personalised attention and has an enjoyable stay. For those looking for compassionate respite care please contact us for more information.

Palliative Care

At Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care, we understand that navigating the delicate topic of end-of-life care can be challenging. Our comprehensive palliative care services are designed to provide comfort and support to residents and their families during this emotionally taxing period. Focused on enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, and caregivers, our palliative care approach aims to offer solace and dignity.


Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care is a beautiful building designed to enhance the indoor-outdoor living spaces for its residents. All accommodation options are large-format, single rooms with ensuites. Interconnecting couples rooms are also available

Chef prepared meals

For many, cherished memories of youth revolve around the dining table. It’s where families gathered daily, sharing tales, discussing successes and setbacks, the highs and lows. Meal times at Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care echo this tradition of family togetherness, reflecting our values through dietary and nutritional choices.
With the guidance of our Executive Chef and expert dieticians, understanding that nutrition is foundational to health, each meal at our residence fosters a sense of community and inclusivity. We cater to all residents, offering dining options tailored to their preferences, dietary needs, textures, and cultural or religious requirements.
Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care prioritises residents’ well-being and quality of life, delivering safe, personalised services to enhance health and happiness in the manner each resident prefers.

Allied Health Services

At Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care, we have state-of-the-art, large format rooms designed for the comfort and well-being of our residents, equipped with the latest technology to ensure the best possible care.

We collaborate with a diverse team of allied health experts who are dedicated to assisting our residents in maintaining an active lifestyle and enhancing their overall wellness.


Podiatrists – foot care


Nutritional advice and information


Exercise, mobility, strength & balance

Speech Pathologists

Assistance with difficulties communicating, swallowing or eating

Accessing Aged Care

For those seeking to understand and utilise aged care services, ‘My Aged Care’ stands as a pivotal resource. It provides comprehensive details on the array of available options, ascertains eligvibility criteria, and outlines the procedure for securing an evaluation by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).


Once the ACAT assessment is carried out, you will receive a letter advising if you have been approved as eligible for government aged care services. Please bring this letter with you when you visit us - the letter will help us learn about what type of care you need and that you are approved to receive this care.
Lake Cathie Manor Aged Care is fully accredited by the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission and is eligible to receive Government funding.

Aged care financial advice is available from Kellie Seymour at Compass Financial Management
Visit the website: coastaladvicegroup.com.au/locations/port-macquarie/
For more information call 02 6583 2211 or email kellie.seymour@coastaladvicegroup.com.au
Aged Care Services page: https://coastaladvicegroup.com.au/services/aged-care-advice/
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